8 Jul

17,000 West Australian families couldn’t pay their power bills last year & now turn to welfare to keep the power on. 

American television personality Andrew Zimmern shares his take on the importance of solving energy poverty. 

7 Jul

DYK: over 2/3 of people in India rely on burning biomass & dung for cooking? Energy access = key to healthier lives. 

4 Jul

Happy America.

2 Jul

Since 2006 the average Australian household power bill has risen from $890 to $1660 a year. 

Electrify Africa and Save Hundreds of Millions of Lives

1 Jul

Which energy source carried the load and powered your house during the bitter cold this winter? 

30 Jun

An estimated 1BN people receive sub-standard care in health facilities because medicines & vaccines aren’t kept cold. 


Bjorn Lomborg argues that fossil fuels can fight poverty: http://b-gat.es/1o4EANL

27 Jun

Heat your home last winter? Sen Manchin says coal carried 92% of increased energy demand during the polar vortex.